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Nabari no Ou: Chapter 55

We're releasing chapter 55 now.

We know someone already did it with the Chinese scans they yoinked, but we like to do it properly.

Download on MegaUpload and RapidShare.

I'm sorry to have been so long. It's entirely my fault. Life interfered.

As you will see on the last page of the chapter, 56 will be released on March 18th. If someone gets me the raws quickly thereafter, I promise to speed the process along and release much more rapidly than this one (within a week). In general, we need someone with quick access to raws, since centurycreeper has to wait for GFantasy to be mailed from Japan... Send information to seeliespright[at]gmail.com.

I'll do 45 also as soon as I get the translation for it. *smacks Kumo*


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